Diner’s Club Subscription Information:

Welcome to our new DINER’S CLUB! We launched this early September 2019, and it is a brand new concept for us. Thanks subscribers for taking a chance on this; we are really loving all the creations being made so far for this menu.

Interested in more info regarding the Diner’s Club? Here’s what it entails:

✨ A monthly recurring fee of $29
✨ Free delivery to your home or business
✨ TUESDAY as the preferred subscriber day of pick up or delivery
✨ A window of delivery time that you can choose to receive your order (either 9 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 5:30 PM)
✨ DISCOUNTED prices on all meals (15% off all regular menu items, 10% off all premium chef meal items)
✨ MORE choices than the general public menu (usually a meal, Keto friendly meal, salad, premium chef meal, breakfast, and an add on of some kind. We also like to add a vegetarian option every now and again!)
✨ An option to receive the menu for the whole month, and order in advance for each week for the month (your choice whether you’d like to pay for each individual week that coincides with the menu for that week; or for the whole month in advance)

To have more information sent to you, and all ways to subscribe for our new service, please fill out the form below!!

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