Welcome to The Dine-In Dude


We are located in Bryan / College Station, and we are so thankful to St. Thomas Episcopal Church for housing this movement for our community for the past year. We always have questions of what’s on the menu?! The answer is that it changes every week; but we tend to stick with this menu model:

✨A family sized meal | Full size: (5-6 servings) $40 | Half size: (3-4 servings) $25

✨A lighter fare meal (usually KETO friendly, gluten free and sometimes dairy free) | Full size: (5-6 servings) $40 | Half size: (3-4 servings) $25

✨A salad, one size in our half pans (2 servings): $15 | Add protein option from $5-$15 depending on the week


⚡️You can pay by credit or debit card upon ordering, or you can choose to save your card to file and have us run your information 24 hours prior to your delivery / pick up day.
*First time customers, customers that need to update their payment information, and business deliveries will receive an email from our Square system on Mondays (for orders on Tuesdays) and Tuesdays (for orders on Wednesdays) where you can save your card to file by manually inputting your information into our system.


⚡️All Dine in Dude items (except for salads) are made the night before each delivery, and frozen to ensure freshness. Everything is fully cooked, with heating instructions for your oven on the lids of our pans (instructions are from a thawed state).

⚡️We deliver on Tuesday’s to our Diner’s Club subscribers, and Wednesdays to College Station and Bryan.

⚡️Delivery cost is $7

⚡️Please leave a cooler on your porch for us, and we will place your items inside.

**IMPORTANT - NEW THING WE ARE DOING - We will have a grocery tote (not insulated) for all orders that have forgotten coolers - with a postcard and time of delivery inside. ALL ORDERS are delivered frozen; if you forget to put your cooler out, it will not be returned to the kitchen, but you will be notified that it has been delivered to your porch. We will no longer be refunding for forgotten coolers / redelivery / missed connections. Due to the volume of orders, and the manual nature of our business, we have to keep the flow of operations going. Thank you for understanding! IF you have a specific time request for delivery, we will try our absolute best to honor that time window. For a more accurate delivery window, please consider signing up for our subscription service.

Pick-Up Orders:

⚡️If you are out of our delivery zone (Millican is our last South CS location / Hwy 21 in Bryan is our last Bryan location) or would prefer to select pick up at the time of ordering, we also have pick up days and times at St. Thomas Episcopal on Wednesday’s from 12-1 PM. The address is 906 George Bush Drive. We have curbside assistance, when you arrive, please text your first and last name, and the car you are in, to 9795993210 and our awesome team will bring it out to you!!

You must place your order prior to receive your desired items.

Missed Orders:

⚡️If you miss your time for pick up, please email us at dineindude@gmail.com to make arrangements. We will be at St. Thomas every Thursday from 12-1 PM if you’d like to swing by to pick up your missed meal time. If we know 24 hours in advance, we can deliver it to your home and re route our deliveries for a $7 charge for all non subscribers. All items not picked up by latest 1 PM each Thursday will be donated to families in the community.

Get the Menu:

⚡️We have 2 different ways you can receive our food items: by our Diner’s Club subscription, and by ordering when the link goes live on Saturday’s at 2 PM. If you’d like to be on our waitlist for our subscription service, click here.

If you’d like to receive the general public menu at 2 PM, please text the word DUDEFOOD to the number 91096 - due to the increasing popularity of our meals, we do sell out by around 4 PM or sooner on Saturdays. If you’d like to be guaranteed a spot, please opt in to be on our waitlist for our Diner’s Club subscription. If we have availability, we will open spots at the end of September.